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Producer, recording and mix engineer

Dan Rudin is a unique fixture in the international music scene, bringing together great talents in both engineering and musicianship. Having played in rock, pop and jazz bands, his musical skills give him a strong interface with musicians and clients. This knowledge and ability has made Dan a first call producer and engineer for sessions from 85 piece orchestras to jazz groups to metal bands for over 30 years.

On top of his musical ability, Dan has a keenness with technology that is unmatched, whether finding just the right signal chain for your vocal or managing complex setups in the control room. He was one of the first engineers to adopt the now dominant Pro Tools platform. This technical edge also extends to working under the hood. Dan maintains all of his own equipment for the best sound and reliability, and also actively contributes his own pro audio circuit designs and modifications to the community.

Above all, Dan is a passionate and articulate team leader who strives to exceed all client expectations. He and his team will bring exactly what is needed to your project in an interactive, engaging way that no one else can.

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“An excellent technician as well as an accomplished musician, Dan has delivered superb results on over twenty high-profile projects. He’s always smart, reliable, responsive, and budget-conscious. Great process, great product.”

Ken Cerniglia – Dramaturg and Literary Manager at Disney Theatrical Group

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“When I am planning a project, the first item I work into the budget is Dan Rudin. Dan has a great studio, great gear, and is the fastest cat I’ve ever seen on ProTools. Not only does he bring certain intangibles (consummate professional, great sense of humor) – Dan is also a musician; and he’s always listening to all kinds of music, always growing. And most important to me – I trust his ears and judgement.”

Chris McDonald – Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator

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“Dan Rudin is a wizard. Plain and simple. All he needs is a pointy hat and a wand. He is an expert at everything you throw at him – every style of music, and every aspect of those styles. I love working with him. Dan Rudin is one in a million, I say. And he’s an awesome guy too!”

Jeff Coffin Saxophonist/Composer – Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Jeff Coffin & the Mu’tet, 3x Grammy winner

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“I have worked with Dan since he moved to Nashville from NYC. He was one of the first to adopt Pro Tools and is now whom I consider the best of the best. Not only does Dan engineer, he reads the arranger’s scores, keeps the sessions moving and on time, plus, he has an incredible “ear”. Now he has his own state of the art studio in Nashville. What an unbeatable combination.”

Phil Copeland – Owner, Copeland Broadcast Music

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“Dan is a First Class studio engineer and producer. Being a gifted guitar player he brings musical expertise to his engineering skills and always gives the extra effort to make the project exceed your expectations. Music is an art, engineering is a skill, and Dan embodies the best qualities of both of those worlds. His experience and cool demeanor in the studio help encourage producers make the right decisions and inspire musicians to play at the top of their game. For music recording and production Dan Rudin is your first call!”

Gary Lensenmayer – Music Director, Composer, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

recording studio Nashville

“Dan Rudin is possibly the most “can do” individual I have ever met. In the field of music, recording, mixing, producing there is nothing that he can’t do… better than most people. He can tear a console apart and fix it on Monday, produce a string session on Tuesday, play guitar for a client on Wednesday, write a jingle on Thursday, tune 15 vocals on Friday and then add a room onto to his house on the weekend. 

If you are ever stranded on a desert island with Dan, he’ll be the guy that figures out how to make a shortwave radio out of a coconut. A+ “hang” in the studio to boot.”

Gary Burnette – Guitarist, Producer

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“Dan is probably best engineer I have worked with in the 30 plus years I have been in the studio business.

Steven Tveit – Music Business Consultant, AFM 257 Recording Services Director